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If you’re ready for a change of scenery but have limited travel funds, an airline credit card might be a dream come true. With an airline card, you’ll earn valuable frequent flyer miles you can use to book free airfare and seat upgrades. Some of the best co-branded airline credit cards even offer additional perks that make travel cheaper, such as free checked bags, companion ticket deals, and discounted award bookings.

But with so many airline credit cards out there, choosing one can seem overwhelming. Before you can truly benefit from an airline credit card, you need to learn about these cards and weed out the options that won’t work for you.

To get a handle on your choices, you should consider several factors including your airline preferences, your travel style, and your spending habits. Follow these steps, and you’ll have the ideal airline credit card in no time.

Step 1: Figure out which airlines you can fly

First things first. To pick the right airline credit card, you need to know which frequent flyer miles you can actually use.

To find out which airlines you should consider — and which you should mark off your list — check your local airport’s website. You might discover that nearly every major airline flies into your area, or that only a few do. Finding out which airlines fly out of your home airport is the best way to narrow down your options fast.

Step 2: Ask yourself where you want to go

Now that you know which airlines are at your disposal, you can ask yourself where you want to go. Maybe you have family that you fly to visit frequently, or you have a list of dream vacations that you want to tackle. Knowing where you want to fly in the near- to medium-term is key to narrowing down which airline’s frequent flyer program you’d like to concentrate on.

Larger and more established carriers such as American Airlines and United Airlines fly almost everywhere. Smaller regional…