It didn’t take long for the General Assembly to adjourn sine die before Maryland’s political parties started looking to score political points.

The Maryland Republican Party is in the midst of a fundraising campaign for candidates in five districts through a “Drive for Five.” If the party — which currently has 14 of the 47 seats in the Senate — can add five more Republican senators, it would gain the power to filibuster to kill “bad bills,” party leaders said.

The party says that the “Drive” is also critically important because the governor and legislative leaders elected in 2018 will have power over the state’s next round of legislative and congressional redistricting — when parties will aim to increase their influence in the Legislature.

In an email to supporters, Margot Couch, the party’s finance director, said it was “no pie-in-the-sky program.”

“Four of the five top-tier seats we’ve targeted were won with less than 52 [percent] of the vote in 2014, and ALL were won by Governor Hogan! This is within our grasp!” she wrote.

One of the districts that’s likely targeted is District 3 in Frederick County. Democratic Sen. Ron Young, of Frederick, has that seat now — but he won it by a mere 614 votes in 2014.

The effort may have already started during the General Assembly session.

The party attacked Young in a news release just after he rallied lawmakers in favor of funding for a proposed…