If you’re addicted to travel like I am, you know that travel expenses can rack up fast. Between airfare, accommodations, and food, cost is one of the biggest factors that prevents people from traveling as much as they’d like to.

But with a little bit of research and legwork upfront, there are easy ways to travel for much less than you may have thought possible. (See also: 6 Easy Ways to Get Free Travel)

1. Sign up for a travel rewards credit card

Maybe you’ve heard this tip before, but if you’re still on the fence, it is high time you join the club. You can save a lot of money just by signing up for a credit card. That’s because travel rewards credit cards often offer a big welcome bonus that can earn you free travel when you meet a spending requirement within a fixed amount of time. (See also: How to Get a Free Vacation From Credit Card Rewards in Nine Months or Less)

Use your card for purchases you would make anyway to collect rewards and before you know it, you’ll have enough to book your next trip.

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2. Own a business? Get a business credit card that will reward you with travel

Business credit cards often come with higher rewards bonuses, though you will often have to meet a higher minimum spending requirement, too. Put all your business expenses on a card that offers travel rewards and pool them together with your personal card for even quicker returns.

3. Never pay an overpriced ATM fee again

ATM fees…