Subscription services are everywhere these days, and some of them are great for frequent travelers. We’ve compiled a list of convenient ways you can save money through subscriptions that will work whether you’re at home or traveling.


Since it came out in 1997, Netflix has grown to be an international entertainment giant. And with good reason. While it can be great to watch movies or TV shows from the comfort of your home, Netflix can also travel with you to 190 different countries where you can stream content around the world.

I have personally used Netflix in both France and Mexico. The selection of films and TV shows varies from country to country, but I love having the option to watch Netflix while I’m traveling. First, it gives me the ability to easily watch my favorite shows while I’m abroad, which can be a big comfort when I’m surrounded by a foreign language and culture. But secondly, I also like Netflix in that it is adapted to the local context and offers a good selection of some of the classic and contemporary films from the country I’m visiting.

For instance, in Mexico, there’s a very popular Netflix original show called Club de Cuervos, which is about a fictitious soccer team. Having a Netflix subscription made it easy for me to check out local pop culture. Watching local shows is also a great way to practice a foreign language, and you can always turn on…