Too Much Politics in a Badly Divided Nation

It’s amazing how politics has seeped into everybody’s lives.

Republicans are now happy campers––relieved, finally, that there’s a politically incorrect, mostly conservative president in the White House. Democrats in the Trump era, however, seem more like the brooding, gloomy characters in a Cormac McCarthy novel.

Recent polls paint a stark picture of a divided America.

It’s no surprise that 86 percent of Republicans and a scant 8 percent of Democrats are optimistic about the direction of the country, according to a Fox News poll. But, bifurcated feelings don’t stop there. They also extend to personal finances: 82 percent of Republicans and just 28 percent of Democrats are optimistic about their family’s financial situation.

And, here’s the mind-blower––a whopping 88 percent of Republicans and only 39 percent of Democrats are optimistic about their personal happiness. Yes, personal happiness is now tied to politics.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, it’s doubtful he intended “the pursuit of happiness” to be a partisan quest.

Apparently, President Trump’s supporters and critics can’t get enough of him. They gobble up all the news they can find, real or fake, and they recite it back to incredulous friends and relatives in daily squabbles. It’s why The New York Times saw a tenfold increase in daily-subscription sign-ups after the election. It’s also why Breitbart News generated over 300 million page views and zoomed to 45 million unique readers during the month after Trump’s victory.

Trump has brought many things to the national table, and an obsession with politics––for fans and foes––is one of them. Controversies in the Trump era are like car wrecks on the side of the road: ugly, and at times shocking, but…