Here’s a sobering little fact for you: We are more than 60 days, two Muslim bans, and one Kellyanne Conway “commercial” into the Trump administration, and we still have no idea what Ivanka Trump’s job is.

She is not, she says, the first lady of the United States; “there’s one first lady, and Melania will be an unbelievable first lady,” she told ABC News. She is not actively running her eponymous lifestyle and jewelry brands, nor is she working for the Trump Organization, having taken a “formal leave of absence” in January. Finally—and perhaps most importantly—she is not a formal White House staffer. White House staffers take oaths of office; they are governed by strict ethical guidelines; they are, importantly, prohibited from working on projects that stand to benefit their personal business interests.

None of those rules apply to Ivanka. She has never been given a job title; she has never been formally considered, let alone hired, for any position in her father’s administration. And yet, this week—after months of meeting with foreign leaders, sitting in on key meetings, and in all other ways acting like someone who worked for the president—Ivanka was given a White House office, a government communications device, and a security clearance that allows her to receive classified information.

Angela Merkel and Ivanka Trump