Tame the Swamp

President Trump observed at his Inauguration, “What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.” His victory forced members of the D.C. establishment to face the reality that they are resented and opposed by about half the country, the half that brought Trump to the White House.

At best, past Republican presidents just settled for slowing the increases.

Moving from words to action, President Trump is challenging his incoming team to pursue actual spending cuts as high as 10% and staffing cuts to 20%.

His “landing teams” in Cabinet agencies have called for cuts as part of their marching orders.

But taming the swamp may be a bigger challenge than he ever imagined. With demonstrations clamoring for his impeachment, leftists in Congress doing all they can to delay and resist his every move, leaks sharing politically embarrassing information like a sieve, the new president seems literally surrounded by swamps and a media ready to protect it and attack his every move.

Trump should have had a clue on election night. As the media gradually realized that Donald Trump was going to beat their candidate, the state and precinct numbers told the story. Large metropolitan areas went Clinton and Middle America, the south and the rust belt went Trump. But the District of

Columbia, the home of most federal employees, went 90.9% for Hillary. Donald Trump won a mere 4.1%.

Ninety-five percent of federal bureaucrats’ donations were for Clinton (99 percent at the State Department, 97 percent at the Department of Justice).

Press Secretary Sean Spicer observed, “When you have eight years of one party in office, there are people…