Boston, MA -- 2/12/2017 - A group played hockey on the pond in the public garden. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff) Topic: 13snow Reporter:
A group played hockey on the pond in the Public Garden in Boston on Sunday morning.

A new winter storm will pack a double punch as it heads into the Boston area on Sunday, starting with a wave of mixed freezing precipitation before a second band of snow with possible coastal blizzard conditions blows in on Monday.

Unlike other storms so far this winter, this one is more complicated. Placement of rain-snow lines, the timing of low-pressure intensification and the exact location of the storm itself could all impact how much snow falls by Monday evening.

There are a lot of different forecast maps being displayed today. All of us in the meteorological community are grappling with conflicting computer guidance. The American forecasting model continues to insist Boston will see only around 6 inches of snow, while the European model is predicting more than a foot in the city.

It now comes down to old-fashioned experience, nowcasting (watching the weather hour-by-hour) and a bit of intuition.

A storm will move to the coastline overnight and intensify in the ocean Monday (Tropical Tidbits)

The first half of the storm gets underway Sunday as the low pressure system moves from land…