Ivanka Trump <3s Justin Trudeau – at least if you believe what you see on the internet.

Pictures of the two at a roundtable discussion about women in the workforce have gone viral this week as mischief-makers suggest the US president’s daughter may be swooning a little over the Canadian prime minister.


Get you someone that looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Justin Trudeau pic.twitter.com/sxTAlpi4av

February 13, 2017

Philip Lewis

On much of the internet, Trudeau is essentially regarded as a Disney prince come to life – so, naturally, it assumes anyone who meets him is instantly smitten. No one is safe – not even the Duchess of Cambridge:


My favourite photo genre is “married women meeting Justin.” pic.twitter.com/XBsLL8Ws4w

February 13, 2017

Blair Elliott


No one is…