Whether you want to boost your retirement savings before you hit the magical age of 65, or you need some side income as a retiree, you are in luck. The Internet has made it easier than ever to earn money without committing to a 9-to-5.

Here are nine websites that can help you boost retirement income.

1. Shutterstock

Enjoy taking photos? Your photographs could earn money if they are approved and purchased by others. The photos that sell the best are high-quality images that can be used as stock photos for websites and eBooks. Shutterstock pays contributors $0.25 per photo download, which doesn’t seem like a lot. However, if your collection of photographs gets downloaded 2,000 times over the year, that is an extra $500. You’ll need a current form of government-issued ID to join Shutterstock, and you’ll also need to submit up to 10 images for their initial review. Once their review team approves your first image, you can start selling.

2. Airbnb

When the busyness of raising a family starts slowing down, many couples discover a passion for travel. You can pursue travel while still paying the mortgage with Airbnb. You can even rent out an extra room or guesthouse with the site. Simply sign up, create your listing (make sure you include lots of photos), and set your rate. What you charge is up to you, but you’ll want to factor in the location and the space you’re renting.

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3. Teachers Pay Teachers

Are you retired from education, or perhaps just love creating fun teaching materials? Teachers Pay Teachers is a website that allows users to upload their lesson plans and resources for others to purchase. The site boasts that they have helped teacher authors makes $330 million since the creation of the site.

4. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is not just for Millennials or college students; it is for anyone who wants to earn money doing odd jobs, from putting together Ikea furniture to writing a retirement speech. You never know what someone will post. Experts and nonexperienced individuals alike can earn extra cash through this site if they live in a popular area.

5. Care.com

Care.com is a site that connects individuals who need services with local help. You can apply for local job listings in child care, adult and senior care, pet care, and home care. The best part is that you can find work that…