Cameras, phones, GPS devices — we all know about those. But did you know that your smartphone can replace a wide range of esoteric tools and devices? From the scientific calculator to the credit card reader to the remote control, here is a list of tools and gadgets you can replace with your smartphone.

1. Math Software

Yes, your smartphone already comes with a calculator and a scientific calculator. However, those calculators will give you little help when facing the challenges of a quadratic equation, system of linear equations, or inequality with absolute value. (See also: 11 Useful, Genius Math Tricks That Are Actually Easy)

This is where Photomath comes in, allowing you to snap a pic of virtually any type of math problem. The app then solves that problem for you, and showing you step-by-step instructions. Think of this app as one of those bulky Texas Instruments calculators on steroids! And the best part is that downloading the app is free.

2. Check Deposit Machine

It’s Saturday, you just got that $600 check that you’ve been waiting for, and there’s no way you can get to the bank before closing time. You also have no clue how close the next ATM that accepts check deposits is. Instead, you could endorse your check, add a note “for mobile deposit only,” snap a pic of it, and receive up to $200 the next business day.

As early as 2009, many banks around the country have issued a smartphone app that allows account holders to do mobile check deposits. Most financial institutions make the first $200 of a mobile check deposit available for withdrawal the next business day, and the rest of the funds available on the second or third day for withdrawal. Contact your financial institution for more details and applicable rules.

3. Thermal Imaging Camera

Drafty windows are one of the sneaky home money pits that sap your savings. Hiring a contractor to check this out for you can cost you hundreds before even starting to fix the problem. The Flir One Thermal Imager is a device that turns your smartphone into a thermal imaging camera, allowing you to find drafty windows and other poorly insulated spots.

While you’ll have to invest…