‘New Russia’ political movement to promote reforms in economy & state management
© Alexey Druzginin / Anton Denisov / Sputnik

The head of Russia’s Institute of Contemporary Economics has announced the start of the New Russia political movement, which will attempt to re-format the management of the state and fight economic recession through major reforms.

In comments with RIA Novosti, Nikita Isayev noted that in his opinion Russia needs “new faces, new approaches and a comprehensive and familiar ideology” and the New Russia movement will fulfill these demands through changes in the political elite and corps of experts.

Our people are already starting to work in federal and municipal power bodies. These are new faces, not yet made popular through PR, guys who are used to work instead of idle talking,” Isayev said.

However, the economist told reporters that the movement’s registration had just started and did not name even an approximate date for its official launch.

When asked about the general political and economic course of the new movement, Isayev answered that he intended to implement his own ‘New NEP’ policy in which NEP stands for “national economic policy” (the abbreviation is a nod to the New Economic Policy – the partial return to private entrepreneurship allowed by Bolsheviks in 1920s to…