Exasperated Republican senator Lindsay Graham pleaded with President Donald Trump on Tuesday to stop repeating his widely debunked claim that millions of so-called “illegals” cost him the popular vote.

“To continue to suggest that the 2016 election was conducted in a fashion that millions of people voted illegally undermines faith in our democracy,” Senator Graham of South Carolina told reporters in a hallway of the Dirksen Senate Office Building in D.C. “It’s not coming from a candidate for the office, it’s coming from the man who holds the office. So I am begging the president, share with us the information you have about this or please stop saying it.”

Image: Lindsey Graham
Senate Armed Services Committee member Sen. Lindsey Graham speaks on Capitol Hill on Jan. 5, 2017.

Graham, who along with Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., has been one of Trump’s more outspoken Republican critics, said the new president needs to put this issue to rest — for his own good.

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“As a matter of fact I’d like you to do more than stop saying it,” he said. “I’d like you to come forward and say having looked at it I am confident the election was fair and accurate and people who voted voted legally. Cause if he doesn’t do that, this is going to undermine his…