Donald Trump's getting involved in Ohio state Republican Party politics because of a grudge against John Kasich
Donald Trump, John Kasich (Credit: Reuters/Carlo Allegri/Rick Wilking)

Donald Trump, the upcoming leader of the free world, waded into a minor state race in Ohio on Thursday, personally calling members of the Ohio Republican Party to advance a petty dispute he has with Gov. John Kasich. The president-elect reportedly called several Ohioans who have a vote in the election for the party’s chairperson, advocating Jane Timken — a Cincinnati native and Trump supporter — for the role.

His endorsement comes at the expense of incumbent Matt Borges, who was installed as the chairman in 2013 with the help and backing of Kasich.

Trump’s sudden interest in a state-level race in Ohio is not all that shocking considering he and the state’s governor engaged in a hostile campaign for the GOP nomination. In 2016, Kasich provided a more benevolent voice in…