By now, the appeals have gone out far and wide to the 538 members of the electoral college: vote your conscience. You alone can stop Trump.

To be sure, it is this select group of men and women whose vote today determines the actual Presidency, and even celebrities like President Bartlet himself Martin Sheen have urged the electors — or, at least 37 of them specifically — to go “faithless” with their vote. Richard Schiff joined his West Wing cohort in the form of a viral video from Unite For America; it also featured Debra Messing, B.D. Wong, and Noah Wyle and other liberal Hollywood types. Add to the mix this weekend’s Saturday Night Live with a sketch featuring Hillary Clinton begging an elector to vote for anyone but Trump. “You don’t even have to vote for me,” Clinton says through cue cards skewering Love Actually. “Just vote for literally anyone else. Like, John Kasich. Tom Hanks. Zandaya. The Rock. A rock.”

It’s the latest last ditch effort by the coastal elites to derail the Trump Train, the Tweet-fueled momentum juggernaut that shot out of the station via a downtown escalator last summer and hasn’t stopped yet. And likely, it won’t stop with the electoral college having its say.

But what is getting lost in having famous liberals speak out against Trump is that even in the short time since the election, Trump has demonstrated that his lack of qualifications for the job have almost nothing to do with politics. And that, not his political party, is what should concern the electors and all Americans. After all, no President in modern history has taken the Oath of Office while still having so little of his own personal political ideologies be known. On just about every conceivable subject, he has — at one time of another — argued its stance as well as its exact opposite.

Climate change? It’s both a fictional invention of the Chinese for business growth and at the same time there is “some connectivity” to humans….