There’s not better way to start the week than with several news events that have invaded Life in the Boomer Lane’s ever-shrinking brain. LBL believes that if one cannot rid oneself of a demon, the next best thing is to share the demon with others. LBL now passes these little demons on to you.

Joe Arpaio, sherif of Maricopa County, has made a real name for himself by spending a lot of time trying to prove that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is bogus. Murder, robbery and assault rates have all been steadily declining in his county, giving Arpaio and his sleuthing team ample free time to focus on what matters to them.

Now, Arpaio and his aides announced last week that a five-year investigation had “proved” that Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii in 1961 was a fake. An accompanying presentation highlighted what they called “9 points of forgery” on the document, which focused on the angles of date stamps, and on typed letters and words.

Donald Trump, when hearing of the latest findings, Tweeted, “I was right. I never said that Obama was born in the US, and now it’s been proven. After the inauguration, I’m going to abolish the Department of…