JUDY WOODRUFF: And we turn now to the Trump transition.

Kellyanne Conway is senior adviser to the president-elect.

Kellyanne Kellyanne Conway, thank you for talking with us.

Mr. Trump has now been certified the winner by the Electoral College, but, as you know, there are still questions out there about the Russian government’s role and whether it influenced the outcome of this election in favor of Mr. Trump.

My question to you is, since we now have this joint — or what appears to be agreement by the intelligence community that the Russian government was involved and they were trying to help Mr. Trump, is he going to ask for this information that they have, so he can satisfy himself?

KELLYANNE CONWAY, Senior Adviser to President-Elect Trump: Well, I don’t really agree with that premise in full, Judy, only because we have leaks to the media, rather than CIA officials showing up at closed-door House Intelligence Committee briefings, where they were invited.

And instead of doing that, they went and talked to the media. I have not seen a report. I have not seen the evidence that they were trying the influence the election. That’s what everybody is doing to confuse and conflate here.

Also, I would just point out very logically that I don’t remember the Clinton team in those last days before the election having Jay-Z or Beyonce or President Obama or President Bill Clinton out there saying, look, we want to warn you all that there is a chance Hillary Clinton is actually going to lose because of Russian hacking and they’re trying to influence the election.

That is just not true. They weren’t saying that. They were pretty confident it was going to be a blowout and that they were going to take the House and Senate with them. So I understand the hand-wringing and the breast-beating continues on the left, but let’s be fair.

We’re not going to interfere with anything the legislature wants to do, certainly. But, secondly, let’s be clear as to what this really is. It’s pure politics. And you even have the president of the United States, President Obama, in his final press conference last Friday, Judy, not going as far as saying he believes that the Russians hacked in and tried to interfere with the elections.

In fact, he said when he told Putin to — quote — “cut it out,” that Putin did.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Well, my question, though, is, since Mr. Trump has access now to pretty much any intelligence he wants, can he simply just get this information and satisfy himself once and for all whether it’s true?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Perhaps. And perhaps he has.

But, again, everybody wants to will litigate this in the media. And he’s the president-elect of the United States. Barack Obama is the president of the United States until January 20. And we’re respectful of that.

And we all must be respectful of the fact that those two gentlemen and others are going to have information that the rest of us don’t. But that’s not what this is about.

This is about — some of them think it’s Jim Comey’s fault. The others blame the movement. The others blame Bernie Sanders: How dare he run in the first place? The guy won 22 states and over 13 million voters, and, of course, Russian hacking.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Well, let me ask you — let me turn you to what Mr. Trump tweeted yesterday after the incidents in Europe.

Among other things, he said — he referred to terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland, and Germany. He issued statements about Islamist terrorists. But we now know German and Turkish officials say they don’t have all the information. They don’t know the genesis of what happened.

And we know what happened in Switzerland. They’re saying…