Ivanka’s business ties in Japan raise more conflicts for Donald Trump

A Japanese firm with state backing is talking with Ivanka Trump about licensing her branded clothing, raising questions about what she was doing at a recent meeting between her father and Japan’s prime minister.

Ivanka Trump’s clothing company has been in talks with apparel maker Sanei International for the past two years, Kohei Yamada, a spokesperson for Sanei’s parent company, confirmed Monday.

The negotiations were first reported by the New York Times on Sunday.

President-elect Donald Trump met with Shinzo Abe in New York last month, an event that was closed to the news media. Photos released by the Japanese government showed Ivanka Trump among a small group of attendees.

It’s unclear why she was there, but the situation highlights the potential for a conflict of interest between Trump’s powerful new role and his family’s businesses.

Sanei International’s parent company is TSI Holdings. The biggest shareholder in TSI is the Development Bank of Japan, which is owned by the Japanese government.

Ivanka Trump’s clothing company declined to comment. In a blog post last month, the company promised to stay out of politics.

“Our company’s mission is not…