To the Editor:

In “Donald Trump’s Racial Ignorance” (Sunday Review, Dec. 18), Michael Eric Dyson notes, “It seems more than a little reactionary to blame the loss of the election on a brand of identity politics that even liberals were slow to embrace.”

I disagree. The McGovern-Fraser Commission reforms after the 1968 Democratic Convention — which have been in effect and expanded upon over the years — established identity politics as the main driving force behind all Democratic national campaigns since then.

The Democrats lost the presidency in November because it seemed to many Americans that Democrats were more interested in where some people go to the bathroom than in attending to the economic needs of people who have been written off and left behind.

Mr. Dyson is, however, quite correct about Donald Trump. He and the people he has appointed are woefully ignorant of the issue of racial equality. They have no real interest whatsoever in addressing the concerns of African-Americans and continue to support measures that disenfranchise people of color in most of the South and states like Wisconsin and Texas.

If the Democrats are ever to regain the power they have lost during the past eight years (the House, the Senate, a majority of governorships and a majority of state legislatures), they will have to balance their decades-long lurch into “diversity” issues with political realities.


Mount Pleasant, S.C.

To the Editor: