Cardell Hayes, the man accused of fatally shooting former New Orleans Saint Will Smith, testified in court Saturday (Dec. 10) that Smith threatened to retrieve his gun and use it after discovering Hayes was armed the night of the incident.

Speaking from the stand under questioning from his attorney John Fuller, Hayes said Smith told him, “N—–, you got your gun. Well I’m going to get mine, and I’m going to show you what to do with it.”

When Fuller asked Hayes what he thought would happen next, Hayes replied: “I think he’s going to get a gun, show me what to do with it. What else should I think? I think he’s about to try to kill me.”

Prosecutors had also subpoenaed the expert but did not call her to the stand.

Hayes’ testimony marked the first time he has spoken publicly about the April 9 shooting that killed Smith and injured his wife, Racquel. New Orleans police arrested Hayes the same night on second-degree murder charges.

In recalling the moments before he fired his weapon at Smith, Hayes testified that he had not intentionally crashed his Hummer into the back of Smith’s SUV.

When members of Smith’s party suggested that Hayes hit them on purpose, Hayes…