It is my honor to serve as the 2017 Chair of the Williamson County Association of Realtors Governmental Affairs Committee. As a longtime real estate agent and native of Williamson County, I would like to inform our residents here of the high level of political involvement we as Realtors have in the community.

First off, we have a wonderful governmental affairs team at the state level, and they closely follow each candidate running at the state level. Through interviews and meetings, the Texas Association of Realtors will choose to support specific candidates who support home ownership rights, as well as further the dream of home ownership to every resident.

TAR is also responsible for promoting statewide calls of actions, including and the 2015 increase of the homestead exemption, and the constitutional amendment banning transfer taxes across the state.

From a local association, we look at city council members, mayors and county commissioners when it comes time to decide whom to support. As a local association we are keenly aware of relevant real estate issues and the challenges property owners face. Issues with tax rates, eminent…